Saturday, October 17, 2015


It s the Belizean dream to travel and know the world. It is a dream many young people are able to attain be a lot of the jobs in Belize offer them the opportunity to travel for work.

Let me introduce you to MAUVIN  VASQUEZ. Mauvin was a high school student of mine. He is what some of us would call a scholastic extraordinaire. Mauvin is a biology expert in his field. He believes is saving the planet and keeping all species alive. At the moment Mauvin is in Japan for a four weeks training on ADAPTATION TO CLIMATE CHANGE!

Mauvin, Corozal is proud of you. I know your parents are really proud of you and I trust me when I say I am, too!

Thank you for sharing the sites, sounds and tastes of Japan!

Live Kimono fashion show in Kyoto!

A great tour at the Golden Temple in Kyoto!

Mauvin's Quick visit to the epicentre of the atomic bomb.In Nagasaki before sunrise. 


Super Saiyan in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

1. Grilled Octopus
2. Grilled Squid leg
3. Conger Eel tempura
(Salt n pepper to taste)

An adventure to taste different food. Monday dinner night out around the famous Shinjuku cross.

Mauvin has been experiencing Japanese food while in Japan!!! Spain tempranillo red wine. Started with the Otooshi appetizer (pumpkin soup - top left) . Ajilo of mushroom (top right). Pickled daikon and kabu raddish in senmai-zuke style with hint of japanese pepper and yuzu citrus scent (bottom left) and basil sorbet (botton right).

In Mauvin's own words: Everything is better with friends. Meeting new friends. An evening in Yokohama City, Japan.

Experiencing Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. 

Visiting the Ramen Musuem in Yokohama City

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