Monday, July 20, 2015

Congratulations to Delanie Paulina Sutherland Eclips, a proud 9 year old Belizean living in the USA

It must be the dream of every Belizean to see their child be great at something! We always want what is best for them! We always want them to achieve some form of greatness! Mel Sutherland Eclips and her husband, Alan Eclipse are two such parents who are proud of their daughter, Delanie Paulina who just turned nine and has once again won in her dance competition!

Delanie began dancing when she was 3 1/2 years old!

Delanie is a proud member of Studio One Southwest Dance Academy. She takes 14hrs of dance a week from ballet to hip hop. Her solo teacher is Meghan Hoover. Delanie started competition dancing at age 5!!!

In her mom's own words... "Dancing challenges her and brings out a passion and determination that's hard to explain! She is really a great kid all around and is quiet and mature for her age. She is an old soul. That is what I tell her. When she goes on stage a fire takes over. It's like she comes to life and tranforms in front of me :)!  Dance has done a lot for her in terms of building responsibility to follow up her practicing and creating self confidence in herself. Children these days need some avenues to help them focus on positive things to  stay out of trouble!

In this competition, Delanie danced to "Amazing Grace"! She got 1st Place in Category and 3rd Place in Overall Star Power Champion!!!!


Congratulations also to the proud parents, Mel Sutherland Eclips and Alan Eclips!!!


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