Wednesday, May 6, 2015

CJC Environmental Club Part Two May Day Clean Up

 First bit looked like this!!!
 So they began working!!!!
 And they collect all the beer bottles in a heap!!!
 It is unbelivable how much bottles they collected!
And then it was clean once more!!!

The Club's Leader tells it in her own words:
On Labour Day holiday, the CJC EAGLEs Environmental Club took to the highway to do a little cleanup since this area was not done last Saturday for Earth Day. As usual, there was a lot of garbage, but we put in the necessary hours and cleaned up a portion of the highway area. There were 2 upsetting things on that Friday, 1) we decided this once to put all the bottles together to see just how many bottles we would collect on any given cleanup; it was a LOT!
2) We had just finished cleaning up and were packing up when a car stopped a bit ahead of us and a passenger politely deposited 2 bags of garbage on the side of the road, an area we had just cleaned! A bag with empty beer bottles and another with food plates. To say the least, this infuriated my group; I was left speechless! What is wrong with our people? Why is it so hard to keep garbage in your cars until you can find a garbage bin?

My input: It has long be customary for people to show very little regard for the cleanliness of our Country! It is time to educate and to punish as necessary!

Hats off to the CJC Eagles Environmental Club and to their leader, educator Yvette Sanker Riverol, once my very own student! I am so very proud of the work you are all doing!

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