Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Ever wonder how life can play tricks on you? Well sure as nothing there is always someone out there who can make or break your day. The thing is it is uo to you if you will let them influence you. I INFLUENCE PEOPLE. I HAVE THAT POWER. ITS NOT BAD AT ALL. IN FACT IT HAS LED TO THE SUCCESS IN MANY WHO THANK ME DAILY. HOWEVER, there are those who would say that it is wrong for me to voice my opinion. That is hard! There is no way someone can tell me to shut up and just let things happen. It´s just not me.Sorry if my frank words have hurt you but if I do make an attempt to correct your walking down the wrong path then so be it. There are many things that I can do and there are millions I can´t but VOICING MY OPINION IS ON THE PLUS LIST SO IF YOU CAN´T HANDLE IT THEN YOU CAN´T HANDLE ME. I AM AFTER ALL BELIZEAN! BORN FREE! LIVING FREE! AND WANTING NOTHING FROM YOU IF YOU CAN´T DEAL WITH LOOKING LIFE IN THE EYE AND SAYING YOU UNDERSTANBD WHEN YOU ARE WRONG.


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