Tuesday, September 2, 2008


"Then was woman made the greatest thing in this world. She was given the power to bring into this world offsprings that would multiply and the nation would grow and the people would have leaders and friends, and colleagues and life would be worth while." (Brenda A. Ysaguirre)

Perfect lines that tell us that we as WOMEN have a right to be here and that we are the reason so much happens in this world.

Ladies, look at yourselves and see the power of a woman who can move mountains, claim hearts and destroy those who try to destroy us. We are POWER. We are LIFE. We are EARTH. WE ARE!!!

You must look at yourself and see the real YOU. You must be able to say everyday, "I AM WOMAN. I AM FREE. I CAN DO WHATEVER IT IS THAT IS NEEDED TO BE DONE!"

Have a great day and remember:
"The power of a woman is as strong as she is." (Brenda A. Ysaguirre)

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